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CCA students have been given the opportunity to invite a friend to school for the day on Thursday, November 11! Students and friends will be attending classes, participating in chapel, going to recess, and enjoying a special Veteran's Day luncheon. This gives visiting students the opportunity to experience CCA firsthand in a comfortable and enjoyable environment, while also getting to spend time with their friends!


In addition, parents of visiting students are invited back to CCA at 1:30pm for an Open House Presentation (doors open at 1:15), followed by a special chapel service at 2:00 and a Friend's Day reception at 2:45.

To register for Bring-a-Friend Day, parents of the visiting friend must call the office (304-605-2093) or submit the online registration form below. All registrations must be received by Friday, February 7. 

If you do not have a friend at CCA but still are interested in participating, please contact us to see if there is space available. 


We can’t wait to see you at Cornerstone Christian Academy for a day filled with friends and fun!

For more details please email Lynnette at



Registration Form
Does the student have any life-threatening allergies?

Thanks for registering for Bring-a-Friend Day! You will receive an email with additional details and instructions.

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